DMDW Extra Lesson – NoSQL and MongoDB

This Friday I introduced you (== my students) to the wonderful new world of databases that are “not only SQL“ (NoSQL). Later on we played with the MongoDB shell and created, read, updated and deleted some documents.

For the MongoDB workshop we used some training data that you can find here. Please don’t forget to solve the exercises! You can contact me by blog-comment or mail, in case of further questions!


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2 Comments on "DMDW Extra Lesson – NoSQL and MongoDB"

  1. 1. Tim Knight (@sqlservian)
    07/05/2011 at 17:50

    #NoSQl and #MongoDB Lesson –> Really good tutorial; check out the rest of the series here:

  2. Thx! :) RT @sqlservian #NoSQL and #MongoDB Lesson –>Really good tutorial;check out the rest here:

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