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RIA lecture This is the archive of my lecture called "Rich Internet Applications" that took place from October 2010 to April 2011.



inRIA lecture

vonJohannes Hoppe

Lesson 02 – Hello SketchFlow

On 12, Okt 2010 | inRIA lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

Last week my lecture contained only boring PowerPoint slides. As compensation we are now going to be creative!

In most cases developers and customers speak a completely equal language.* Every party has a clear vision of the software in mind. It is so clear, that even a boring requirement specification is completely unnecessary. Don’t waste time, start coding! NOT! ;-)

But luck is on our side. We have a lot of free and cool tools that save us a lot of pain. One of them is Microsoft Blend 4 with SketchFlow. (SketchFlow is only available in the Ultimate Edition!) Basically I will teach you exactly the same as the smart guy in the following video:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

You can download the video on the original site.
Please don’t forget to install Blend!

Update: I prepered a solution for you at Google Code. Please use it only if you really struggle with Blend!

* Trivia:
In a morning meeting my boss once said: “Sh*t. We have to remove that widget from the landing page. Number one priority! Go, go, go!”
In the evening he called me: “The widget is still on the website! I told you to remove it!!”
So my honest answer was: “Oh. Sorry. I created a user story and a task for that. Fixed the problem, checked in. All unit tests are still running. Documented it. But I haven’t thought about deploying it to the live system…”

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