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2011 März

DMDW Materials – Last update: 2011-04-01


I created a SVN repository for the used source codes:
(svn checkout lecture-hoppe-read-only)



I would like to do a practical session with the
SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio”.
[BOX_START]Our source will be an old excel file with room plans. You can download it here:

To ensure a little bit privacy, the zip file password protected. Ask me face-to-face for the password!



I’m expecting that you have the following tools
and resources on your laptop:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (not 2010, not Express!)

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vonJohannes Hoppe

DMDW Lesson 04 – Data Mining Theory

On 23, Mrz 2011 | Keine Kommentare | inDMDW lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

In this lecture we will concentrate on the theory behind data mining.
We will also look at an already seen algorithm: the decision tree!

Please note that this topic continues with the next lesson No 5.


Here are the slides:

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RIA Presentations – Time and Room

On 23, Mrz 2011 | 3 Kommentare | inRIA lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

This Friday, the 25th of March (2011-03-25), I will be happy to see your presentations.
Leets meet at 10 o’clock AM in the foyer; too search for a suitable room!

I like presentations that are well prepared and where all team members are presenting. There is no fixed format ore time box!
It’s up to you how you want to convince me that you’ve created an amazing project. But please keep in mind that too long or too boring presentations won’t be very convincing!  😉


Update 2011-03-25, 10:30:
We are in room 206. Everybody who is not presenting is getting in big troubles.

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DMDW Lesson 03 – Data Warehouse Theory

On 18, Mrz 2011 | Ein Kommentar | inDMDW lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

I’m planning to give you a detailed introduction to the concepts of the data warehouse world.
We will also see why data mining and data warehouses are closely connected to each other.

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Preparation for DMDW Lesson 03 – Database Basics and ETL

On 06, Mrz 2011 | Ein Kommentar | inDMDW lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

In preparation for the next lesson
I am giving to you two tasks:

  1. Please solve the Microsoft Analysis Services Basic Data Mining Tutorial:
  2. Please read the following text about ETL: dmdw_03_basics_ETL.pdf

I gave you 15 questions to check your knowledge about databases in general. Here are my answears:


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DMDW – No lectures at 04.03.2011 and 11.03.2011

On 03, Mrz 2011 | Ein Kommentar | inDMDW lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

[BOX_START]A lot of students can’t join the course at
Friday, the 4th of February (2011-03-04) and
Friday, the 11th of February (2011-03-11).

To avoid further complications,
there won’t be a lecture at these days.[BOX_STOP]


[BOX_START]I’m going to post some practical tasks („homework“) for you! These tasks are mandatory![BOX_STOP]

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Greasemonkey Script: jQuery AJAX Latency Display

On 03, Mrz 2011 | Ein Kommentar | inGeneral | vonJohannes Hoppe

Displays the time between two AJAX calls that were made through any jQuery function. It binds to ajaxStart() and ajaxStop(), so jQuery is used and required.

We use it for a manual UI tests where time is an acceptance criteria.

(function() {
// ==UserScript==
// @name           jQuery AJAX Latency Display
// @description    Shows the time between ajaxStart() and ajaxStop(), jQuery is Required
// @author         Johannes Hoppe
// ==/UserScript==
  var insertScriptContent = "\
    var stopwatch;\
    $(\"#latencyDisplay\").ajaxStart(function () {\
      stopwatch = new Date();\
    $(\"#latencyDisplay\").ajaxStop(function () {\
      elapsedTimeInSeconds = (new Date() - stopwatch) / 1000;\
      $(this).html(\"AJAX Timer: \" + elapsedTimeInSeconds + \"s\");\
  var insertDiv = document.createElement("div"); = "latencyDisplay";
  var insertScript = document.createElement("script");
  insertScript.type = "text/javascript";
  insertScript.text = insertScriptContent;

You can download and install this little Greasemonkey Script at

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