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2011 Mai



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inDMDW lecture

vonJohannes Hoppe

DMDW – Text exam | Exam time and room

On 24, Mai 2011 | 13 Kommentare | inDMDW lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

The exam starts today (Friday, 27th of Mai) at 14:00.

Room: t83
Duration: 180 minutes
All you need is an indelible pencil.



Many of you asked for a test-exam. Here it is!

You can estimate your knowledge for the upcoming DMDW-exam with the following questions.
Please note that the real exam will be longer, since it will take 3 hours.

Download: Test-Exam DMDW

Update 2011-05-25:

I’m getting several mails and comments for question number 5.
The question is concentrating on the SSIS control flow tasks that everybody should already know:

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DMDW – ETL Projects – Student Presentations

On 13, Mai 2011 | 8 Kommentare | inDMDW lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

This is a list of all the interesting projects that my students have made.
Well done! I’m happy with the results! 😀

  1. Team „Pure Access“
  2. Team „Access to Access2MySQL to MySQL“
  3. Team „Silverlight to MS SQL“
  4. Team „PHP to MySQL“
  5. Team „Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle)“
  6. Team „SSIS“
  7. Team „Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle)“
  8. Team „Groovy to MongoDB“
  9. Team „Java to MySQL“
  10. Team „SSIS“
  11. Team „Java to MongoDB“
  12. Team „SSIS“


Please note: I’m still waiting on some mails. Please send to me the PowerPoint slides as well as the project files! (see comments below)

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DMDW Lesson 08 – Further Data Mining Algorithms

On 10, Mai 2011 | Ein Kommentar | inDMDW lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

This will be our last lesson, so let’s concentrate on finishing the last required algorithms.

Please collect some questions in advance!
I would like to discuss them in the remaining time.
I will prepare a small text exam, too.

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DMDW Extra Lesson – NoSQL and MongoDB

On 06, Mai 2011 | 2 Kommentare | inDMDW lecture, NoSQL | vonJohannes Hoppe

This Friday I introduced you (== my students) to the wonderful new world of databases that are “not only SQL“ (NoSQL). Later on we played with the MongoDB shell and created, read, updated and deleted some documents.

For the MongoDB workshop we used some training data that you can find here. Please don’t forget to solve the exercises! You can contact me by blog-comment or mail, in case of further questions!


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DMDW – Presentation of your ETL project

On 03, Mai 2011 | 2 Kommentare | inDMDW lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

Hello Students,

as you know, every student
has to present his ETL project.

The task:

  1. Please Extract the content of the room-plan excel file
    (write me a mail if you don’t know the password)
  2. then Transform it to a new structure.
    (e.g. normalize the content, clean it, deal with typos, parse the dates…)
  3. and finally Load it to a new target.
    (In most cases this target will be a database system.)
  4. Present your solution to the other students, give me your materials. Don’t forget you name on the slides.

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