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2011 Februar

DMDW Lesson 02 – Data Mining Basics with Adventure Works

On 24, Feb 2011 | Ein Kommentar | inDMDW lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

I’m planning to repeat the 15 example questions (“homework”) tomorrow.
We will continue by normalizing a database table together on the white board.

I am sure that most of you (my students) have never done any data mining stuff before.
This is great, since I love it to throw students directly into the cold water for their first swimming lesson! :mrgreen:

I’m expecting that you have the following tools
and resources on your laptop:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (not 2010, not Express!)
  • SQL Server 2008 (not Express!)
  • MSSQL Server Community Projects & Samples
    (e.g. SQL2008.All_Product_Samples_Without_DBs.x86.msi)

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inDMDW lecture

vonJohannes Hoppe

DMDW Lesson 01 – Data Mining / Data Warehouse

On 11, Feb 2011 | 13 Kommentare | inDMDW lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

Hello Students, today is the first Data Mining/Data Warehouse lecture.
I’m very happy with the exams of the RIA lecture. You deserve an early weekend! :-)

So today we will just have a short lesson with some basic stuff. Take a look at the required tools and the homework!


For the peoples that missed the first lecture:
You don’t have to send to me the answers.
(you can, if you want)
But next week I will select some students that will have to answer the questions in front of the other students.[BOX_STOP]

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RIA Exam – Time and Room

On 09, Feb 2011 | 3 Kommentare | inRIA lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

The exam will be at Thursday, the 10th of February (2011-02-10) at 13:00 o’clock at arc105 and arc106 (Ludwig van Beethoven & Mahler).
You have 180 Minutes to answer the questions.

All you need is one pencil, no own paper, no extra stuff on the tables and good mood, of course! :-)

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[GERMAN] VSone: AOP-Präsentation am 17.02.2011 in Unterschleißheim/München

On 09, Feb 2011 | 4 Kommentare | inAOP | vonJohannes Hoppe

Wenn Sie Teilnehmer der VSone sind,
dann lade ich sie herzlich zu meiner Session ein:

  • am Do. 17. Februar 2011, 15:15 Uhr
  • Track 6
  • Thema: Aspektorientierte
    Programmierung (AOP) mit .NET

SharpCrafters  (die Entwickler vom AOP-Framework PostSharp) haben in Begleitung zur Session ein interessantes Interview mit mir geführt!

Der Vortrag richtet sich an alle AOP-Interessierten und wird einen theoretischen u. praktischen (Live-Coding) Anteil beinhalten.

Zunächst werde ich über Clean Code und die Grenzen von OOP sprechen. Ich zeige, dass Nicht-Funktionale Anforderungen (Cross-Cutting Concerns) neue Ansätze verlangen! Anschließend demonstriere ich die Anwendung von Aspekten für Exception Handling, Logging, Validierung & Caching.

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Unit Tests – The Rent Is Too Damn High

On 06, Feb 2011 | 14 Kommentare | inAOP | vonJohannes Hoppe

Faking System.DateTime.Now

For sure: The rent is too damn high!

And if we are writing Unit Tests, we are often paying a damn high price, too! Let’s look at a inconspicuous property that every .NET programmer is using:


Getting the current time is really easy. But how can we mock that statement for our tests?!

Solution 1

The first solution would be the usage of our favorite dependency injection framework. We would write a wrapper for DateTime.Now and produce an interface like this:

public interface IDateTime
    DateTime Now { get; }

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