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RIA lecture This is the archive of my lecture called "Rich Internet Applications" that took place from October 2010 to April 2011.



inRIA lecture

vonJohannes Hoppe

Lesson 05 – First ASP.NET MVC project (2nd part – Unit testing)

On 02, Nov 2010 | inRIA lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

[BOX_START]Please repeat the stuff and answer the following questions by mail:
1. What are Unit Tests?
2. Why and when should I use them?
3. How do I write Unit Tests?

We will continue with the 5th lesson at Wednesday, the 10th of November 2010.[BOX_STOP]

In this lesson I want to finish the sample solution. For me a programming task is only finished, if all necessary Unit Tests are written and if those tests finish successfully!

Please make sure, that you have the latest version of
on your laptop. (checkout with TortoiseSVN!)

This time, no special preparation is required.

Here is the guest presentation from Ajinkya Prabhune.

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