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RIA lecture This is the archive of my lecture called "Rich Internet Applications" that took place from October 2010 to April 2011.



inRIA lecture

vonJohannes Hoppe

Lesson 06 – Unit Testing in Detail

On 16, Nov 2010 | inRIA lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

In this lecture I want to concentrate again on Unit Tests with Visual Studio 2010. I finished the lesson with a lot of open questions. I will try to address all of them.

You can prepare yourself by [googling|yahooing|binging] about the following keywords:

  • Dependencies, Dependency Injection
  • Mocking
  • Lambda Expressions
  • MsTest, NUnit
  • Moq

I will refer to revision 31 in SVN, which you can also download here:

My next big topic will be AJAX and especially jQuery. Depending on the progress with the UT stuff I will open this chapter at Wednesday, too. No special preparation will be required, but the Firebug extension for Firefox would be helpful!

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