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Unit Testing

New Home for the ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator

I created a project page for the
ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator at

You want to contribute?

Then welcome to the party! 😎
I would be happy to see your patches, your feedback or maybe even some more documentation! :roll:

Here are all resources that were published so far:

Let us welcome Rohan Cragg as the first contributor to the project!
(he found a bug where broken code was generated)

@All people who keep this project active:
Thank you very much!

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Update: ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator v0.5

I released version 0.5 of the
ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator„.
In a short time the download counter reached 900. W00t! :mrgreen:

This encouraged me to bring up an improved version. It now simplifies Unit Tests by implementing “Equals”. Additionally, the dependency to Microsoft Unity is now optional.

All resources were updated:

Thank you!

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Lesson 06 – Unit Testing in Detail

On 16, Nov 2010 | 6 Kommentare | inRIA lecture | vonJohannes Hoppe

In this lecture I want to concentrate again on Unit Tests with Visual Studio 2010. I finished the lesson with a lot of open questions. I will try to address all of them.

You can prepare yourself by [googling|yahooing|binging] about the following keywords:

  • Dependencies, Dependency Injection
  • Mocking
  • Lambda Expressions
  • MsTest, NUnit
  • Moq

I will refer to revision 31 in SVN, which you can also download here:

My next big topic will be AJAX and especially jQuery. Depending on the progress with the UT stuff I will open this chapter at Wednesday, too. No special preparation will be required, but the Firebug extension for Firefox would be helpful!

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Walkthrough: ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator

This walkthrough is going to show you the usage of my new T4 template called „ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator“.

Table of contents:

My demo implements a small repository to manage simple text-snippeds in the database. I will start with an empty ASP.NET MVC 2 project. Any other type would work, too.

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ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator

At work we are going to do a big refactoring on a ASP.NET MVC project. I learned a lot of this project. One hard lesson was: the code base is as good is the guidance of the senior coders. If you know the power of the Entity Framework, then you also know the countless possibilities to write wicked code. But I’m present at the office only for days a week. That’s why I’m planning to write some articles in the next time.

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