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vonJohannes Hoppe

SolarTournament – November 2012 Update

On 30, Nov 2012 | inNode.js | vonJohannes Hoppe

After some busy months I published a new version of SolarTournament to Azure. The public git repository was updated, too.

Under the hood it’s a massive rewrite of the client-side code. I would like to thank Ingmar Wietig for his great work. He is definitely more skilled in math and general game related concepts than me! :-)

Improvements of the physics engine:

  • free 360° movement; it’s now possible to fly a loop
  • the spaceships model gets a tilt when changing direction
  • new collision detection that calculates the intersection of meshes
  • third-person view

All WebGL shaders were replaced with own code, which results in some great graphical enhancements:

  • one global light for all objects (phong shader)
  • rocket drive with light – affects the asteroids
  • improved textures

Technical improvement

  • require.js for client-side modules
  • jamjs for external js libs
  • node is now directly started in a Azure WorkerRole (real WebSockets!)

What’s next?

There is still some client-side stuff that requires attention, eg. a full screen mode or a radar to spot other players. After that I’m finally going to implement a real multiplayer experience where people can shoot on each other! ;-)