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vonJohannes Hoppe

WordPress: markdown-shortcode

On 04, Sep 2015 | inGeneral | vonJohannes Hoppe


It's 2015 and I realized that the Wordpress WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) is still a nightmare for your markup. C'mon, I don't want to write about code while fighting with ugly pre/code tags. It's 2015 and we have markdown! Unfortunately, the existing solutions are inside a bloated 20MB plugin (JetPack), break with my "old-fashioned" theme (PrettyPres), are too complicated or they are just not maintained any more.

I made a markdown plugin that is damn simple. I'm somehow surprised that nobody else combined parsedown and highlight.js before. And it works like a charm. Fork it on github, it's yours. The plugin is also under review. It should be visible on if gets an approval.

Write this into the editor:

[ /markdown]

and the shortcode content will be parsed with parsedown.

By the way, this post was written in markdown: :-D img