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New Home for the ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator

I created a project page for the
ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator at

You want to contribute?

Then welcome to the party! 😎
I would be happy to see your patches, your feedback or maybe even some more documentation! :roll:

Here are all resources that were published so far:

Let us welcome Rohan Cragg as the first contributor to the project!
(he found a bug where broken code was generated)

@All people who keep this project active:
Thank you very much!

… and many thanks to the guys from Microsoft and to Rab Hallett who offered their work under the Microsoft Public License

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  1. Blogged:… – Codeplex & ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator #dotnet

  2. Beto

    Hi Johannes,

    I need this great tool for Visual Studio 2012. Is there any version for that version of Visual Studio?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Johannes

      I switched to NoSQL two years ago. But I could bake a new version for VS 2012. Would you test it for me?

  3. Beto

    Sure, no problem. I can test that.

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